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This is Rachel Cannon

This is Rachel Cannon

June 24, 2020

On this episode I sat with Actress Rachel Cannon. Rachel was born in Tulsa, graduated from Yukon Highschool ( Go Millers ) and studied at OU. Rachel interned for Gray Frederickson ( 2019 Oklahoma Hall of Famer ) before heading to LA to pursue her career in acting. This podcast shares her struggles and triumphs while in LA for 20 years Rachel worked and lived in Hollywood. You'll see Rachel in shows like, Two and A Half Men, Mad Men and Fresh Off The Boat. Now Rachel is back in Oklahoma with her Husband and Musician Noah Engh and their son. Producing, writing and diving into the Oklahoma film industry as well as continuing her passion to champion women. 

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This is Kaldwell Grant

This is Kaldwell Grant

June 22, 2020
I've seen Kaldwells feed before, he lives on his bike. I'm sure he would agree with me that he's addicted to riding and rides everywhere. Yes, everywhere. So naturally he's a very good cyclist. Riding a 100 miles in one day is no joke and something that I have on my 2020 to do list. 
At first glance reading his caption, the bike part got my attention. I need all the advice I can get for my 100 mile race. The more I read the more I realized its not about the anniversary of his century ride. So I sent Kaldwell a message and asked if he'd like to share some stories from his cycling journey over the last 5 years and life in general experiences.
Today we connected and although I have a passion for cycling, I am nowhere near his level of rider. But I will be one day. We talked for over an hour about the differences and commonalities we have centered around life, food, cycling, movies and our shared love for OKC. 
Like I said on Saturday after the car show, it doesn't matter what you look like, where you come from or who you parents are. A common passion levels all differences in the world. When you get together all you want to talk about is that one thing you have in common. 
I'll be honest, as a white male from Wales. I was nervous about talking with Kaldwell. Not about cycling, food, movies but about the current state of our world. As someone who didn't grow up around black culture, I was nervous about saying the wrong thing. Being disrespectful in any way. I think its because of all the media telling us what to do and what not to do. I let it get in my head which only makes it more difficult to have tough conversations. You know when you think about doing something for so long that it becomes this huge task. Well that went right out the window the minute we started talking. Kaldwell said it best,
"We have to have these hard conversations, its been 9 or so days since George Floyd was killed, we can't fix anything in 9 days but we have to continue to work towards fixing it." 
I appreciate Kaldwell and his son for inviting me into their home to talk about life and the opportunity to share their story. Go and have a person to person conversation with your friends. Just have real conversations and hear each others point of view. If you can't meet them face to face have a zoom call and hangout, engage with each other. 
Kaldwells is now putting his face on his Instagram to show people it can be done. In a predominately white sport like cycling the world needs more Kaldwells. Especially because he's like a superhero on his bike. A quick story from the podcast, Kaldwell was once stopped in a small town on one of his rides. This guy came up to him, told him he looked like a superhero. He didn't know if he was taking the piss or if he was genuinely complimenting him. If you've seen a cyclist you'll know what that guy was thinking, yes everything matches and we're dressed head to toe in lycra! Like Power Rangers and we have no shame, its part of the sport. 
If you want to get into cycling, even if you're starting out for the first time. Talk to your local bike shop, find a friend that wants to do it wth you and go ride your bike. If you want to get to the level of Kaldwell, like I do. Reach out to him and ask some questions. He and his son have started riding together, last weekend they rode 17 miles to go have an icy. His son is 12, believe me if a 12 year old can cycle 17 miles you can cycle 10 around Lake Hefner. 
Soon I'm going to go ride with Kaldwell and i'll try to keep up! 
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This is Raymond Dorwart & Bo Lockhart -  Dorwarts Custom Cowboy Boots Guthrie Oklahoma

This is Raymond Dorwart & Bo Lockhart - Dorwarts Custom Cowboy Boots Guthrie Oklahoma

June 19, 2020

On this episode myself and Eric Granado interviewed Raymond and Bo from Dorwarts Custom Cowboy Boots in Guthrie Oklahoma. Raymond is world famous in the custom cowboy boot scene. His apprentice Bo is quickly making a name for himself learning from one of the best. 

Now as you all know, I am as far from a cowboy as it gets. Born in the UK, cowboying is not a thing! So walking into their shop in Guthrie, seeing the history on the walls, the machines that are older than I am, the smells, the dust. The character of the whole place just oozes stories. Some of those stories made it onto todays podcast. 

Picture a cowboy in your head. What does he look like? Yeah thats Raymond and Bo. Raymond isn't on social media, he just got a flip phone... Bo's wife runs his Facebook page where you can see his designs. "Lockhart Cowboy Customs" Bo's wait list right now is about 3 months and his custom boots start at $1500. Raymonds boots start at $3000 and his wait list is right around a year. I've recorded over 175 episodes now and as far as Oklahoma goes, this is as Oklahoma as it gets. 

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This is Luke Kwon - Oklahoma Golf #014

This is Luke Kwon - Oklahoma Golf #014

June 18, 2020

This weeks golf episode is a crazy wild story! OU Golfer Luke Kwon originally born in South Korea came to the states 15 years ago with his parents. They started a business here and were granted their green cards. Luke came here on his parents green card because he was under 18. Luke lives here the whole time. Falls in love with golf and is awarded a golf scholarship at St Edwards university in Austin. After one year in Austin he transfers to OU. A rough couple of years but finally he breaks through and is consistently making the team and wins a tournament his senior year. 

This is where it gets interesting, because Luke is over 18 he's not on his parents visa and he wasn't granted a green card once he turned 18. So he's on a student visa, like I was when I first came to play college golf at SNU. So Luke is faced with being sent back to South Korea after college because he doesn't have a green card. To get an athlete visa he needed a tour card for the PGA or Korn Ferry Tour. Which out of college is extremely hard to do! 

Luke goes on a rollercoaster ride from 2015 to 2019. He created a Youtube channel to fun his professional dreams, moved to New Zealand and then because of his youtube channel he is able to sign more sponsors. He plays in China with the hope of qualifying to come back to America as a Korn Ferry Tour player.

Spoiler alert, he does! Luke successfully plays his way back to the states, back to his parents and back to his home. Follow Luke on Instagram as he plays his rookie season in the states. @luke.kwon


This is Andrew Greene - Drone Master Photographer ( Part 1 )

This is Andrew Greene - Drone Master Photographer ( Part 1 )

June 15, 2020

On this episode I sat with Andrew Green or ANDREW G IMAGE as he's know in the community. Andrew is a published photographer, producer, & writer based out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Andrew is colorblind. Yet popularity for his photographs and prints continue to surge, in part, for their “color-pop”. Modern technology enables him to balance color during capture and edit. Using what’s known as a color histogram, Andrew can balance color the same as any other photographer.

The ANDREW G IMAGE brand and print art has grown at a fast pace since launching in 2016. Andrew began specializing in landscape photography in his home state of Oklahoma. Clients nationwide are now commissioning him to travel and capture the places they call home.

While traveling the country is a year-round passion, the “coming home” part of each trip is his favorite. “OKC is my home. Oklahoma is where all of my best childhood memories were made”, Andrew recalls. “I spent every summer in the Arbuckle Mountains at a campground located on the banks of Honey Creek, less than half a mile downstream from Turner Falls. I graduated from Bethany High School, right in the heart of The OKC Metro. Oklahoma will always be my favorite subject to shoot!”

While he has spent a lifetime cultivating the disciplines & skills utilized to create the unique brand of work he is known for, ANDREW G's body of work began officially in 2016. All digitals and prints bearing his Crowned Lion logo, or the ANDREW G signature, are 2016 editions or later.

Andrew and his family live in the small suburban town of Yukon, OK. His wife, Em, is originally from Yukon. They met and began dating in 1995 as teens, married in 1998, and are celebrating their 22nd Anniversary this year.

They have 4 children: Hannah•Clare•Lilly•Max


•Cover & Featured, OKC Lifestyle Magazine, April, 2019
•Cover & Featured, 405 Magazine, October, 2018
•Featured, 405 Magazine, June, 2018
•Winner, Best Sunset Panorama, Pano-Rama, 2017
•Top10, 180-degree Panorama, Pano-Rama, 2016


Follow Andrew on Instagram @andrew_g_image or his website


This is Camille Herron - Ultra Marathon Runner, Comrades Champion, 3 Time World Champion & 5 World Records

This is Camille Herron - Ultra Marathon Runner, Comrades Champion, 3 Time World Champion & 5 World Records

June 10, 2020

On this episode I chatted with Camille Herron. Camille is a professional ultra marathon runner who currently holds 5 world records. 4 in ultra running ( 50 mile, 12 hours, 100 mile and 24 hours ) as well as her 5th one which is my favorite ( running the fastest marathon in a superhero costume ) Camille is a rockstar and her journey to the top of her sport has had more ups, downs twists and turns than you could imagine. 

Not to ruin too much of the podcast for you but, Camille has won the OKC Memorial Marathon 3 times, set the course record and almost retired from running at age 33 before a friend introduced her to ultra running. If you are reading this and you are under 33, don't worry theres plenty more life left to live. Since 33 Camille has broken 5 world records and become a running advocate for runners all over the world. She has a Nike contract for goodness sake! Don't give up and take every moment life throws at you as a speed bump but keep moving forward. Follow Camille on Instagram and see her daily routines @runcamille 

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This is Sam Humphreys - Oklahoma Golf #013

This is Sam Humphreys - Oklahoma Golf #013

June 9, 2020

On this episode I sat with golfer Sam Humphreys. Sam has a pretty incredible story which if you google him you'll see that he had a life altering experience while playing college golf. Short story, he tried to pick up a club by standing on the face as most golfers do, it hit him in the privates and caused immense pain for a few days. Causing him to go to the ER and ultimately finding out that he had testicular cancer. We talk about that experience as well as him being at Tulsa university when the mens golf program was shutdown. Sam is currently playing professional golf on the APT, practicing daily out at Oak Tree and also diving into the broadcasting world follow his fathers footsteps ( Craig Humphreys ) starting his own podcast called "The Great Day Podcast" which you can find on Apple and Spotify. 

Follow Sam on Instagram and check out his first episode with Skip Baylis. 


This is Matthew Swaggart - HoldFast Gear

This is Matthew Swaggart - HoldFast Gear

June 8, 2020

On this episode I chatted with owner of HoldFast Gear. Matthew born and raised in Baton Rouge moved to Tulsa to study at ORU. Where he met his wife and now lives in Bigsby. Matthew was a graphic designer and became a photographer after college, specifically wedding photography. He noticed a gap in the market for high end leather camera straps that as well as being important for back support also had a fashion element to them. He'd show up to his weddings dressed like he was supposed to be there. Not like most photographers dressed in all black. Because he was dress appropriately he fit in and subsequently looked more professional doing his job. However, at that time he's still wearing a black camera strap and in his words " looked like a swat team member " So he created a leather camera strap named "The Money Maker" It took off and the business was born, now selling more and more products and branching out HoldFast Gear sells and makes all its products in the USA. Assembles all the camera straps at their shop in Bigsby and ships all over the world. With stores in Asia, Europe and Australia this little company has a huge footprint in the photography industry and continues to thrive. Check out their website and on Instagram @holdfastgear

Thank you Matt for your time.


This is Michael Weidemann

This is Michael Weidemann

June 5, 2020

On this episode I sat with friend Michael Weidemann. Fun fact about Michael, he designed the logo for This is Oklahoma a long time ago when this was just getting started.  Michael started out as a photographer, his Dad was a photographer and as a kid they'd go on roadtrips all over the country. Stopping to take pictures a long the way, which at the time really annoyed a younger Michael. Until his father gave him a camera to take on one of his field trips with school. He was hooked. If you know Michael, you'll know that he's very good with a camera in his hand. As most people breaking into the profession of photography he took to shooting weddings. Michael decided to target everyone across the country for weddings, and not to compete with the saturated market in OKC. After his success using SEO and other marketing skills he decided to offer this help to other businesses. Helping them generate leads, get more clicks on their ads and bring more people to their websites. Michael started his new business called Tallgrass Supply Co to put his own methods into practice. What better way to show how good you are at what you do than to show them your own numbers and success. Michael's business is growing and so is his client list. Tallgrass Supply Co sells many things but the most interesting is candles. Scented by the memories Michael has as a kid traveling to far away places with his Dad. Check it out and on Instagram @tallgrasssupplyco 


This is Native Acres Meat Co - Josh & Jacy Lippoldt

This is Native Acres Meat Co - Josh & Jacy Lippoldt

June 3, 2020

On this episode myself and cohost Eric Granado @eric.granado interviewed Josh and Jacy Lippoldt. Josh and Jacy along with their friends from college started a direct to consumer meat company in Jan 2020. While studying at OSU they came up with the idea and then once graduating decided to make it a reality. Josh and Jacy help run their side of the business in Okarche Oklahoma where their families have farmed for four generations. Josh literally drove a tractor from birth and has been in the agricultural industry his entire life. So this is not just a new job for them, this is a vision to bring quality meat to the consumer. Generations of farming technics, skills and knowledge put into everything they do. This was a great episode and I definitely want to live on a farm now.

Go follow them online and on social media @nativeacresmeatco

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