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This is Heady Coleman

This is Heady Coleman

January 17, 2020

On this episode I sat down with Mr Guthrie. Heady Coleman. Heady is a motivational speaker, professional greeter, pastor, community builder and all round great human being. His sole purpose is to change lives and make peoples day! He writes more handwritten notes than anyone I have ever met and is definitely someone you should know and follow!

His Instagram is @heady.coleman and you can find him at this months creative mornings greeting at the door or walking around his home town of Guthrie America. A town which he grew up in and is extremely proud to be a resident of.

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This is Eric Granado

This is Eric Granado

January 15, 2020

On this episode I sit down with Eric Granado at the Central Exchange Building. Eric has ONLY been a photographer for a year! Crazy when you see his skills. Follow him on Instagram @eric.granado

Eric was born in Oklahoma, went to school here and then moved away to Oregon. He really wanted to work for Nike. After multiple interviews with Nike, meeting a lot of Nike's top brass he was unsuccessful and decided to come home. 

Moving back to OKC fueled his passion for photography and here we are today. Eric started a really cool series around small businesses in OKC. After that slowed down he picked up  a western theme and has now found his niche. Eric has worked with Stetson on there #stetsonstories and is continuing to perfect his craft and do incredible things with his camera to capture and share the stories of the people in the world of western culture, cowboys, ranchers, boot makers, all these interesting people.

We will be featuring more of Eric's stories on our platforms in 2020. Its a perfect concept and ties in nicely with our 2020 theme of people. 

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This is JD Terry

This is JD Terry

January 10, 2020

Episode 2 of our Automotive segment. Today we sit down with JD Terry a local home builder here in OKC to talk about his passion for cars. 

JD pulled up to the shop in his 1929 Ford then proceeded to take me for a spin in it around Edmond and WOW! You can see a photo of that car on his Instagram @okie_jd but sadly by the time we post this he has sold the car and now has some new toys to play with. 

JD talks about growing up around cars. Him and his Dad which he calls his best friend spent hours and hours working on cars and the stories and nothing but amazing.

JD and his Dad have had many of their cars featured on magazine covers around the country. A true passion for old school cars. 

Thanks JD for taking the time to share your stories and no doubt this won't be the only episode we have with JD. Follow JD's business page too @loneoakhomes

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This is Dustin Cowans

This is Dustin Cowans

January 10, 2020

This is the first of our automotive segments for the new year. We've started a series around cars, trucks and anything with an engine. I have a huge passion for cars, so have decided with the help of my co host Heath Dean to start an automotive series to the podcast. You can follow this car segment on Instagram @randomcarguys I will post all Oklahoma car related episodes here but if you are a car nut! There will be more content coming to a new podcast called Random Car Guys soon. More in depth interviews and episodes about F1 races, car related Youtube channels etc. So if you're a car guy be sure to subscribe to Random Car Guys Podcast and follow @randomcarguys on Instagram.

On this episode we sit down with local Ford Raptor legend and icon Mr Dustin Cowans also known as @snowyetiraptor on Instagram to talk about his insane Raptor build and his plans for the future with that truck. 

Dustin was born and raise in Stillwater. Grew up doing backroad country things like most kids growing up in the country. Trucks have always been present in his life and he's decided to come on the podcast to share some of what he's doing now. 

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This is Chad McKamie

This is Chad McKamie

January 7, 2020

It’s been far too long of a wait but I finally had my brother in law on the podcast. The guy I met in 2015 as a young college senior with questions about real estate. The guy who after some sarcasm from me about getting married to stay in the states replied with “ I have a sister in law that’s single, do you want to go on a double date?” Without this response I wouldn’t have met T. Wouldn’t have fallen in love and wouldn’t be here today with a brand centered around the love of Oklahoma.

I think Chad just wanted a golfer in the family and offered me up to T with the hope that something might happen. To be fair to Chad, T had told him that he gets to choose her next boyfriend because she’d had some bad luck in the past. I’ll admit that sounds odd, however Chad is like a big brother to T. Chad started dating T’s sister Kendal when she was 8, so for 15 years Chad was pretty much family. 

Chad has been a great mentor to me in real estate, always someone to rely on and sets the example when it comes to being a father to his kids. Its funny, the girls will tell you we talk more than they do. Pretty much everyday there’s a call, text or DM fired off related to the most recent golf memes or current events.

I’m extremely grateful for Chads friendship, mentorship and golf games on vacation. Thanks for offering your sister in law to me mate. Here’s to many more golf rounds in trips overseas in the future.

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This is Lt Gov Matt Pinnell

This is Lt Gov Matt Pinnell

January 2, 2020

On this episode I travelled to the capitol building to sit with Lt Gov Matt Pinnell.

Matt Pinnell was elected as the 17th Lieutenant Governor of the State of Oklahoma on November 6th, 2018.  In that role, he serves as President of the Oklahoma State Senate, and is a member of multiple constitutional boards and commissions. Lt. Governor Pinnell also serves as Secretary of Tourism and Branding on Governor Kevin Stitt’s cabinet.

In his role as Secretary of Tourism and Branding, Pinnell oversees the Oklahoma Department of Tourism and Recreation and the state’s efforts to promote tourism, the third largest industry in Oklahoma. Pinnell is also leading the campaign to create a new brand for the State of Oklahoma. The OklaX branding effort has brought together a collection of the most creative minds in Oklahoma to create a new brand that will be unveiled in 2020.

Pinnell also currently serves on the Department of Commerce executive committee focusing on small business growth and entrepreneurship. Pinnell has a background in entrepreneurship and is a small business owner with his wife, Lisa, who is an inventor and entrepreneur.

Matt is a graduate of Oral Roberts University with a degree in Advertising and lives in Tulsa with his wife and their 4 children who attend Jenks Public Schools.

In short Matt is the lead salesman for Oklahoma to the rest of the world. His job is to bring tourists to our great state and we spoke about just that. 

Matt spends most of his days on the road traveling around our incredible state. I really enjoyed my time speaking with Lt Gov Pinnell and was very excited to hear the great things he's been working on for Oklahoma tourist. Tourism is our 3rd largest income source in the state and definitely needs more attention and marketing dollars. 

Lt Gov Matt Pinelle Podcast Minutes

3mins – growing up

5mins - ORU

7.15mins – 7.50 leadership on the radar

7.50-9mins – family

9mins-13.15 – Paris and travel route 66 promotion

13.15 – graduate university advertising

15mins social media in politics

16mins time in DC

17.20mins - public transportation in Oklahoma

18.30 –NE Oklahoma high school football and band

19.43mins-23mins – OKC v Tulsa

23.20mins- coming back from DC

24mins running the national party

25mins – always travelling

26mins – selling Oklahoma to other states and countries

29mins – going to Taiwan to sell Oklahoma

30mins – Czech Republic for route 66 convention

31.31mins – traveling the state

33mins – travel ok roadtrip – Oklahoma Ambassadors

34.20mins – Underrated events around the state

35.30mins – college towns

37mins – landrun100

38mins – Tulsa tough and Iron man Tulsa

39.43mins – bmx facility

40mins – 2019 atv takeover at little sahara

41mins – 2020 plans

43mins – instagram links

43mins – travel ok website free brochure

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This is Brooke Wells ( w/co-host Gann Diffee )

This is Brooke Wells ( w/co-host Gann Diffee )

December 18, 2019

On this episode myself and Gann sat down with elite crossfire athlete Brooke Wells. Brooke burst onto the scene when she qualified for her first crossfire games at the age of 19. Fast forward to today and she's competed in 5 crossfire games. 

Brooke is the 2nd fittest woman in the nation and 11th fittest in the world! Let that sink in for a minute. She's an athlete! 

Brooke spent her high school years at Jenks in Tulsa and after graduating university with a business degree from Mizzou moved to Tulsa. Tulsa felt like home so it was the natural choice, a lot of Brooke's friends are here in Tulsa, she has a great gym there ( Crossfot T-Town ) so it all made sense. 

A year and a half has passed since Brooke graduated and has been able to commit her entire life to perfecting her craft. We had a blast talking to Brooke and hearing her share some of her best moments in crossfit and why she loves living in Tulsa. 

We can't thank Brooke enough for taking the time out of her day to record with us. Brooke doesn't do many podcasts which makes us even more grateful for her time. Below are the show notes, thank you to everyone that submitted a question for Brooke. We wish her all the best for 2020 and a healthy and successful crossfit career. Thanks for coming on Brooke! 

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1min – Why Tulsa / Why Oklahoma

3mins - NoBull video / Trip to Austria

4mins – Travel / Diet

5mins – Best Place You’ve Been to

7mins – Pre / Post Workout Routine

9mins – Cheat Meals

11mins – Being a Role Model

13mins – Young Women In Crossfit

15mins – Being Done With School

18mins – Gymnastics / Track

19mins – Mentally Tough

20mins – Sibling Competition

22mins – NoBull Video

24mins – Coffee Shop / Alec

25mins – Crossfit and Family

27mins – Sister Competition

28mins – PR’s

29mins – Typical Recovery Day

31mins – Sleep & Nutrition

35mins – Hardest Workout

36mins – Changes in Crossfit Games

38mins – Pre Games Routine

41mins – Training Partners

44mins – Favorite and Least Favorite movement

47mins – Mental Discipline

48mins – First Open Workout

53mins – Fan Questions

55mins – Plant Based and Vegan

58mins – Future living in Tulsa

60mins – Brooke’s Heros

62mins – Life After Crossfit

64mins – Faith


This is Cyndi Munson

This is Cyndi Munson

December 16, 2019

On this episode I sat down with Rep Cyndi Munson to talk a little about Oklahoma politics but mostly about her story, how she got into politics and how life in the house is in 2019. 

Munson became the first Asian-American woman elected to the Oklahoma Legislature. She has concentrated her legislative efforts on providing equal pay for equal work, strengthening the rights of survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, assisting Oklahoma’s veterans, and working to make life easier for our loved ones who suffer from Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Originally from Lawton, Cyndi developed her passion for public service at an early age. Her father’s military service taught Cyndi and her sister, Sandra, the importance of giving back. A first generation college student, Cyndi graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, and the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, where she earned a Master of Science in Leadership Education. Cyndi also spent a semester of her college experience studying at Georgetown University in Washington, DC.

Before her election to the Legislature, Cyndi spent a decade working and volunteering in Oklahoma City’s non-profit community. In her most recent work with Girl Scouts of Western Oklahoma, she provided leadership programs for thousands of girls in low-income schools, juvenile detention centers, and public housing.

Cyndi is a member of Leadership Oklahoma Class 31 and an alumni member of Leadership Oklahoma City’s LOYAL Class VIII. She serves on the Oklahoma Commission on the Status of Women, is a member of the Oklahoma Messages Project Board of Directors, and is the past chair of the Infant Crisis Services Young Professionals Group.

Thanks for listening, follow Cyndi on Instagram here @cyndimunson 

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This is OKC Thunder Cares Foundation

This is OKC Thunder Cares Foundation

December 12, 2019

On this episode I sat down with Christine Berney. Christine has worked with the thunder for 10 years. Since the organization came to town. We chatted all about what the Thunder does off the court for the community. All the thunder courts around the state, the events for children and many other events they organize to give back in anyway they can. 

It was really cool to hear everything the OKC Thunder Cares Foundation does. I know you've seen something related to the Thunder but to truly dive into it all was an honor. After all it is Oklahomans who run the foundation and naturally we are caring people.

Christine was a blast to talk to and definitely someone who you should all connect with. Please follow them on Instagram @thundercares The work they do is second to non and it makes a huge impact in our community all year round. 

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This is Agreetable

This is Agreetable

December 10, 2019

On this episode I sit down with my cofounders of a greeting card business called Agreetable. is a new greeting card company founded because we're tired of paying too much for inadequate quality cards. Last minute dashes to Walgreens and CVS will be no more. 10 cards for $25 you can mix and match your cards. Sent directly to your home ready to be used. We pride ourselves on the quality of our cards and the designs printed on the front of them. 

This company is founded by Ryan Johnston (Oklahoman) & Chris Cohenour (Oklahoman) and Mike Hearne (Welshman). Our goal is to make life easier for you when buying the best greeting cards.

Check out and on all social media platforms @agreetable

Thanks for listening. We appreciate it.