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This is Vilona Michael - V Marketing | PR Life in OKC

September 17, 2021

On this episode I chatted with Vilona Michael from VMarketing here in OKC. Vilona is from East India. Her parents moved here in the 60's for a better life. On the way over here her father met a man from Kingfisher Oklahoma and so that is where her family settled. 

Vilona has a wonderful story, going against cultural norms being raised by Indian parents expecting marriage, kids and prioritizing education. Vilona put herself through university at TU. Graduating with a marketing degree and starting at a huge agency in Tulsa before moving to OKC. 

Vilona's business kicked off after she volunteered at a meeting for the new Uptown 23rd district. Volunteering her marketing and PR services to the community. After the district was launched and word of mouth took off Vilona found herself with multiple clients reaching out asking for help with their personal businesses or other districts needing help. VMarketing was born.

For more information follow Vilona on instagram

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