This is Oklahoma

This is Scott Lewis Jr

September 25, 2019

Scott Lewis Jr, a self made successful entrepreneur shares his story on today's podcast. Scott grew up in Edmond is the eldest of three kids. His younger brother who he would eventually go into business with and his younger sister. Scott was raised in an entrepreneurial family, his father a loving pastor had many side jobs, which turned into larger national businesses. He always taught his sons to be entrepreneurial, to sell anything they could to make money for the things they wanted to do. 

Scott shares his stories from those days walking door to door on the streets of Edmond. How these practices at a young age molded him into the salesman and entrepreneur he is today. Scott has seen his fair share of adversities over his time and talks about how he's overcome those adversities, how he plans to use what he's learned to change lives today and how motivation has been a great way for him to give back to over 600,000 people on his social media platform @millionaire_motivator

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