This is Oklahoma

This is Sam Humphreys - Oklahoma Golf #013

June 9, 2020

On this episode I sat with golfer Sam Humphreys. Sam has a pretty incredible story which if you google him you'll see that he had a life altering experience while playing college golf. Short story, he tried to pick up a club by standing on the face as most golfers do, it hit him in the privates and caused immense pain for a few days. Causing him to go to the ER and ultimately finding out that he had testicular cancer. We talk about that experience as well as him being at Tulsa university when the mens golf program was shutdown. Sam is currently playing professional golf on the APT, practicing daily out at Oak Tree and also diving into the broadcasting world follow his fathers footsteps ( Craig Humphreys ) starting his own podcast called "The Great Day Podcast" which you can find on Apple and Spotify. 

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