This is Oklahoma

This is Plant OKC

January 28, 2020

On this episode my wife Taryn joined me to interview sisters Emma & Addie Ryan. Owners of PLANT OKC in midtown OKC. If you have a social media, you watch the news or even have a Netflix account you borrow off your mates. You will have noticed that Plant based diets have been talked about a lot! 

So we thought what better idea than to interview the owners of OKC's most popular Plant based restaurant to find out their story. What a story it is. Emma was diagnosed with Cancer 9 years ago and after trying literally every possible option to cure her cancer she turned to a plant based diet. Go figure it worked! After Addie saw her recovery she tried it and her performance as a college athlete increased significantly. Now disclaimer here, everyone is different and not everyone will get the same results. However, myself and my wife eat 80-20 plant based meals and wow to do we feel better. 

So just give it a try. Eat more REAL FOOD and you'll be shocked at the difference in yourself. 

So not to ruin the whole story but 9 years later they have opened up their first restaurant. Emma has been a health coach and qualified chef for a long time and finally after lots of encouragement they opened PLANT OKC in August last year. 

This episode was so much fun! We laughed a ton and learned a ton about plant based food and how the girls make everything in house. If you're a first timer or want to try it please go to Plant OKC and ask for either Emma or Addie, they will tell you all you need to know and also there's a library of books there to read. 

You can get everything from a morning coffee and a bite to eat, a smoothie, lunch and dinner. Basically anything to fit your time of day! Try it out!

Follow them here @plantokc




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