This is Oklahoma

This is Oklahoma Wildlife

July 27, 2020

On this episode I sat with the JD Strong and Josh Stratton. These two gentlemen live and breath the outdoors. To the point where its almost their middle name. We had a blast talking about how diverse Oklahoma is. Its one of very few states in the nation with as many eco systems. There's so much wildlife here its baffling to think about it. The impact the wildlife department has on the state of Oklahoma and its tourism, dollars brought in by Oklahomans and outside visitors will shock you. Truly an awesome episode and like myself you'll be ready to spend your pocket money on a rod and some waders to go fly fishing in SE Oklahoma! 


The Department of Wildlife has a fantastic social media presence but if you don't already follow them you can find them @okwildlifedept and find Josh's blog @against_current 



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