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This is Not Your Average Joe Coffee with Tim Herbel

March 6, 2021

On this episode I chatted with Tim Herbel founder of Not Your Average Joe coffee shop. Tim is from Hooker Oklahoma and grew up around family members who served the community in a variety of ways. But never coffee. Then he started Compadres Coffee as a white label roaster for local coffee shops. After entering some blind taste testing competitions and WINNING! The coffee they kept winning with was called "Not Your Average Joe". Tim was approached by a coffee shop in Midtown OKC and asked if he would like to take it over. The shop was their and they called it the name you see today. 

Today is the grand opening for their Norman location! You should definitely swing by. The BEST thing about this company is that they employee disabled adults. (80% of disabled adults are unemployed) so this isn't just a coffee shop. It is a charity that happens to serve incredible coffee.

Grand Opening Saturday 6th March:

Norman location: 1001 Elm Ave, Norman, OK 73072 

Midtown location: 1227 N Walker Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73103

This episode is presented by the Made In Oklahoma Coalition. The Made In Oklahoma Coalition is your source for information on local food and beverage products. To learn more about Oklahoma made products and how to support MIO Coalition companies visit 

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