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This is Native Acres Meat Co - Josh & Jacy Lippoldt

June 3, 2020

On this episode myself and cohost Eric Granado @eric.granado interviewed Josh and Jacy Lippoldt. Josh and Jacy along with their friends from college started a direct to consumer meat company in Jan 2020. While studying at OSU they came up with the idea and then once graduating decided to make it a reality. Josh and Jacy help run their side of the business in Okarche Oklahoma where their families have farmed for four generations. Josh literally drove a tractor from birth and has been in the agricultural industry his entire life. So this is not just a new job for them, this is a vision to bring quality meat to the consumer. Generations of farming technics, skills and knowledge put into everything they do. This was a great episode and I definitely want to live on a farm now.

Go follow them online and on social media @nativeacresmeatco

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