This is Oklahoma

This is Michael Weidemann

June 5, 2020

On this episode I sat with friend Michael Weidemann. Fun fact about Michael, he designed the logo for This is Oklahoma a long time ago when this was just getting started.  Michael started out as a photographer, his Dad was a photographer and as a kid they'd go on roadtrips all over the country. Stopping to take pictures a long the way, which at the time really annoyed a younger Michael. Until his father gave him a camera to take on one of his field trips with school. He was hooked. If you know Michael, you'll know that he's very good with a camera in his hand. As most people breaking into the profession of photography he took to shooting weddings. Michael decided to target everyone across the country for weddings, and not to compete with the saturated market in OKC. After his success using SEO and other marketing skills he decided to offer this help to other businesses. Helping them generate leads, get more clicks on their ads and bring more people to their websites. Michael started his new business called Tallgrass Supply Co to put his own methods into practice. What better way to show how good you are at what you do than to show them your own numbers and success. Michael's business is growing and so is his client list. Tallgrass Supply Co sells many things but the most interesting is candles. Scented by the memories Michael has as a kid traveling to far away places with his Dad. Check it out and on Instagram @tallgrasssupplyco 


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