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This is Matthew Swaggart - HoldFast Gear

June 8, 2020

On this episode I chatted with owner of HoldFast Gear. Matthew born and raised in Baton Rouge moved to Tulsa to study at ORU. Where he met his wife and now lives in Bigsby. Matthew was a graphic designer and became a photographer after college, specifically wedding photography. He noticed a gap in the market for high end leather camera straps that as well as being important for back support also had a fashion element to them. He'd show up to his weddings dressed like he was supposed to be there. Not like most photographers dressed in all black. Because he was dress appropriately he fit in and subsequently looked more professional doing his job. However, at that time he's still wearing a black camera strap and in his words " looked like a swat team member " So he created a leather camera strap named "The Money Maker" It took off and the business was born, now selling more and more products and branching out HoldFast Gear sells and makes all its products in the USA. Assembles all the camera straps at their shop in Bigsby and ships all over the world. With stores in Asia, Europe and Australia this little company has a huge footprint in the photography industry and continues to thrive. Check out their website and on Instagram @holdfastgear

Thank you Matt for your time.


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