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This is Gannon Mendez - The Saucee Sicilian Pizza Truck

May 13, 2020

On this episode my friend Gannon shares his story. How he left the corporate world to pursue his dream of working for himself. That dream would be a pizza food truck with his mom Nonna. Driving from Perkins to Stillwater Oklahoma in the early days and then making his way to the city to feed people everyday. Driving down from Perkins day after day to be successful. Before they knew it their feeding the OKC Thunder, loved by us all, lines around the block and Nonna's sweet face ready to greet you at the window. Their pizza is known around the world. Nonna's famous Sauce and balls and Gannons grandmothers recipe started them on their way. Not only are they one of the best pizza spots in the world but they are great people and they have a great team. 

Congrats on all the success and we are behind you all the way when your new restaurant opens up.

Follow Gannon on social media @thesauceesicilian 

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