This is Oklahoma

This is Elk Valley Brewing Co with Bryan Grigsby

April 30, 2019

On this episode your host Mike Hearne sits down with Chief Salesman aka pavement pounding, door knocking businesses grower Bryan Grigsby. Bryan tells us all about Elk Valley Brewing Company. The new tap room we recorded in was opened in December 2018 and now serves a a community hub for the Midtown residents. Its such an inviting place to sit and enjoy a beer. There's plenty of variety to suit your taste buds and even better you can bring your dog! Listen in as we talk craft beer in OKC and how Elk Valley is building community in Midtown through their passion for craft beer. Thanks again for listening, go follow Elk Valley on all social media platforms and stop in for a beer the next time you're in Midtown. If you have anyone you think we should interview send us a DM to @thisisoklahoma As always, thanks for listening and please leave us a review 5* preferred. #thisisoklahoma 

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