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This is Donovan Farrow - Building A Tech Based Community in OKC

October 1, 2021

On this episode I chatted with Donovan Farrow. Born and raised in Oklahoma, Donovan is a visionary and a leader in the OKC cybersecurity space. A little over ten years ago, Donovan founded Alias Forensics - now Alias Infosec - here in OKC and has truly helped create and grow the information security scene here. Building a tech based community in an area that historically hasn't been the home to very many tech companies has been a fulfilling challenge. Not only will Donovan be able to talk about how he started the business and how he helped grow the cybersecurity industry in OKC, but he can also talk about why it's important with the rise of ransomware attacks.

To learn more about Alias Forensics go to

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