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This is David Skidmore

April 30, 2020

On this episode I sat with David Skidmore, he is the Creative Director for SALLT. David is at the helm of leading their forthcoming podcast network, video design, magazine, music, and digital space. He is an inspirational speaker who hoists sails and starts fires. David is known for his humorous delivery and passionate communication style. For over a decade, David is a sought-after communicator for events ranging from small gatherings in the mountains to crowds of thousands.

David is a storyteller, vision shaper, and connector. He is the founder of LeaderGrowth, Lion Leader, and The Clarity Workshop where he helps people clarify their vision to create the life they want. David also coaches speakers professionally. He holds a degree from Oklahoma Christian University. David is one of the organizers of TEDxOklahomaCity. 

We sat for over an hour talking life, leadership and Tim Grover. Such a great interview, one of the most unique ones I've done because for the middle third of the podcast David started asking me questions which I loved. Very rarely do I get to share my thoughts on topics and this conversation was for sure more of a chat about life than an interview and story tell about my guest. Follow David on social and see the change he's making. @thedavidskidmore and check out SALLT 

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