This is Oklahoma

This is Clint Walker with Co-Host Cooper Siems

April 4, 2019

On this episode your host Mike Hearne sits down with cohost Copper Siems to interview Oklahoma Professional Skateboarder Clint Walker. Clint is from Altus Oklahoma, a tiny town near the Texas boarder. Altus had a small but passionate skate scene which captured Clints natural ability and spurred him to pursue his passion of becoming a professional skater. Moving to Cali straight after high school, Clint went all in and in a short time got picked up by none other than the King of Skateboarding Mr Tony Hawk. Listen in as Clint tells his story, from his Altus days to riding on the Birdhouse team for Tony Hawk. Huge thanks to Cooper for setting this one up and as always don't forget to share this with one friend and leave us a review 5* preferred. #thisisoklahoma

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