This is Oklahoma

This is Café Kacao

May 14, 2019

On todays episode your host Mike Hearne sits down with Luidgi at Café Kacao. If you've already eaten at Kacao you know how good the food is. But what you may not know is the back story to its success. Café Kacao has been the dream of the Del Cid Family for close to a decade at the heart of the family is Veronica Del Cid, who since her young years has been taught recipes that have been passed from generation to generation. Listen in as Luidgi the son of Veronica shares their amazing story, a true example of the American dream. If you haven't been to Kacao, make the time to go, ask many questions and definitely try the coffee! You won't be disappointed. Thanks for listening and as always leave a review 5* preferred. Follow us on Instagram at @thisisoklahoma Follow Café Kacao @cafekacao

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