This is Oklahoma

This is Brooke Wells ( w/co-host Gann Diffee )

December 18, 2019

On this episode myself and Gann sat down with elite crossfire athlete Brooke Wells. Brooke burst onto the scene when she qualified for her first crossfire games at the age of 19. Fast forward to today and she's competed in 5 crossfire games. 

Brooke is the 2nd fittest woman in the nation and 11th fittest in the world! Let that sink in for a minute. She's an athlete! 

Brooke spent her high school years at Jenks in Tulsa and after graduating university with a business degree from Mizzou moved to Tulsa. Tulsa felt like home so it was the natural choice, a lot of Brooke's friends are here in Tulsa, she has a great gym there ( Crossfot T-Town ) so it all made sense. 

A year and a half has passed since Brooke graduated and has been able to commit her entire life to perfecting her craft. We had a blast talking to Brooke and hearing her share some of her best moments in crossfit and why she loves living in Tulsa. 

We can't thank Brooke enough for taking the time out of her day to record with us. Brooke doesn't do many podcasts which makes us even more grateful for her time. Below are the show notes, thank you to everyone that submitted a question for Brooke. We wish her all the best for 2020 and a healthy and successful crossfit career. Thanks for coming on Brooke! 

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1min – Why Tulsa / Why Oklahoma

3mins - NoBull video / Trip to Austria

4mins – Travel / Diet

5mins – Best Place You’ve Been to

7mins – Pre / Post Workout Routine

9mins – Cheat Meals

11mins – Being a Role Model

13mins – Young Women In Crossfit

15mins – Being Done With School

18mins – Gymnastics / Track

19mins – Mentally Tough

20mins – Sibling Competition

22mins – NoBull Video

24mins – Coffee Shop / Alec

25mins – Crossfit and Family

27mins – Sister Competition

28mins – PR’s

29mins – Typical Recovery Day

31mins – Sleep & Nutrition

35mins – Hardest Workout

36mins – Changes in Crossfit Games

38mins – Pre Games Routine

41mins – Training Partners

44mins – Favorite and Least Favorite movement

47mins – Mental Discipline

48mins – First Open Workout

53mins – Fan Questions

55mins – Plant Based and Vegan

58mins – Future living in Tulsa

60mins – Brooke’s Heros

62mins – Life After Crossfit

64mins – Faith


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