This is Oklahoma

This is Action City OKC - Emmi Kobs & Katherine Buxton

January 4, 2021

On this episode I chatted with hosts of OKC's latests podcast. Emmi Kobs & Katherine Buxton have launched the Action City Podcast. A look through the lens of loving local and seeing global, searching for stories in OKC that need to be told. New episodes every Thursday on Apple Podcasts, Google Play and Spotify Podcast.  

Both OKC natives, Emmi purchased the Scout Guide franchise for OKC and for years has been shedding light on the amazing local businesses in OKC. Katherine is the owner of Gretta Sloane, a women's clothing and accessories boutique. Both have an immense love for OKC and the amazing people, businesses and impact its had on the world. 

Later in the year they will each be on the podcast to share more on their personal stories but for now here's where you can learn more about Action City OKC. & 


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