This is Oklahoma

This is 1032 Space

April 9, 2019

On today's episode your host Mike Hearne sits down with Caleb and Micah from 1032 Space. 1032 Space is a high end mens fashion store in Deep Deuce OKC. Both have a huge passion for fashion and have taken the opportunity to bring unseen brands to OKC. 1032 Spaces only been open 6 months and in a short period of time they have elevated into the go to store in OKC for high fashion. Collaborating with Russ on up and coming projects has been the highlight of their business so far. Listen in to their amazing story as they share the reason behind 1032 Space and the driving force for future fashion in OKC. Thanks for listening, tag us @thisisoklahoma on Instagram when you listen. Would love to hear your thoughts and as always leave us a review 5$ preferred. #thisisoklahoma

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